Laura’s update

Latest Update…

It’s been a busy few weeks with a couple more busy weeks to come.

After Chicago I needed a break. I felt emotionally flat and physically tired. Danny and I went straight to Dubai for a much needed holiday after arriving home from Chicago and I loved it. It’s been a hectic season with Commonwealth Games and World Teams in the same year and after having some time away and then at home with friends and family I felt much more like my old self.

Getting back into training has been fun and i’m excited to be back playing with energy and enthusiasm. I have so much to look forward to and can’t wait for the new season to begin.

In the mean time I have the British Open to play week after next which is always fun playing in front of a home crowd who support and cheer for you. It’s also a place where I have so many great memories from winning in 2013 and losing a close final in 2014. This year the pressure is a little less being seeded 3 so I want to enjoy it to the full.

Next week though I have the Courtcare Open at my club. I organise the $15,000 event with my brother and this year I haven’t done as much of the leg work but I am so excited to welcome all the girls to Chorley. We have a fantastic draw and the strongest of all the years we’ve held the event so it’s eagerly anticipated!


Also, this week I was lucky enough to pick up my amazing new car (pictured above with Caroline at Corkill’s). It was all shiny, brand new and smelled great – who doesn’t love a new car smell! Corkill’s have supported me so far since September 2014 and also proudly sponsor David Lloyd, Chorley. An amazing company who give a lot back to sport and deserve all the great publicity they receive. I personally can’t thank them enough for their support of me this year and I hope we can work together for years to come.

Lastly, for anyone interested in dong some training with me in the summer then why not have a look at coming out to Club La Santa in Lanzarote? 25th June I am doing a week long training camp and i’m excited to put in some hard work in the sun. If you fancy joining me then have a look at the flyer below and for any more information send a contact form through the ‘contact’ tab above or visit Whatever level you play at – beginner, advanced or professional come and see if you can keep up with me on and off the court!